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 Transform Your Optical Career With Our  4-Week Light Benders Academy!

2024 Skills Camp Course Dates:
Class starts promptly at 10AM MST


Tuesday & Thursday

  • May 7-30

  • June 4-27

  • July 16-August 8

  • August 6-29

  • September- 3-26

  • October 1-24

Monday & Wednesday 

  • May 6-29

  • June 3-26

  • July 15- August 7th

  • August 5-28

  • September- 2-25

  • October- 7-30

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4-Week Optician Training Program

Are you an aspiring optician ready to take your knowledge and skills to the next level?

Join Leana, an experienced eye care professional with a passion for teaching, in this transformative 4 week online course Light Benders Academy


Get the perfect plan for your business with our tailored corporate pricing. Save money and get the most out of our services. 

Lens Study

Who is This For?

The Aspiring Optician

You're passionate and ready to start your opticianry career. This Academy will offer you a strong foundation, clarify complex concepts, and boost your confidence to deliver stellar patient care from day one. Its and investment in your future for long - term career success.

The Early - Career Optician

With some opticianry experience, you seek a refresher and deeper understanding. Our Academy reinforces your foundational knowledge, arms you with key skills, and imparts insights to confidently address daily challenges with grace and professionalism. 

The Career - Changer

You're pivoting to a rewarding opticianry career. Despite the daunting nature of career transitions, our Bootcamp prepares you swiftly. Covering basics to advanced material, we navigate you to a successful start in this gratifying profession.

Eyeglass Display

Why Light Benders Academy?


  • Understand and interpret eyeglass prescriptions accurately.

  • Select and recommend the most suitable lens materials and designs.

  • Accurately measure for customized lenses and select frames that enhance vision clarity.

  • Effectively troubleshoot and dispense eyewear

  • Communicate effectively with labs  for best production outcomes.

  • Boost your sales by understanding and promoting the benefits of a second pair.

  • Answer patient questions with confidence.

Our comprehensive program is crafted to fill gaps in traditional optician training, ensuring you're equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel. 

This training is a career investment, preparing you to provide superior patient service, work effectively with lens labs, make accurate measurements, recommend the best lens treatments and boost sales.

What Our Students Say

Chris Mellen


"As a new optician, Light Benders Academy has given me both the knowledge and the skillset necessary to preform above and beyond the level of a standard optician. Through the professional and through instruction received, Light Benders is guaranteed to make any optical office preform from 'simply good' to exceptional and great! I look forward to continuing my optical education through this organization, as it will benefit doctors, patients, and the optical industry for years to come."

Kylee Suckla


"As a beginner optician, light benders academy has given me the knowledge and confidence to advise my patients with the glasses that will suit them best. I loved the layout and descriptiveness in the course. Having opticians from all different skill levels, either learning the material for the first time or expanding their existing knowledge, provided a unique experience that showed me no matter how long you have been in this business you can never truly stop learning."

Geraardo Guzman


I have been an optician for 3 years and I have been wanting to up my knowledge in preparation of getting my ABO certification. Even with the knowledge I’ve gained from years of working in optical, I have been learning TONS from Leana since our very first class! She is a fantastic teacher and has loads of information that is absolutely monumental for a career in optical. Even in the introduction classes where I was thinking it would be more reviewing of what I already know, she gave me perspective changing knowledge and made it not only interesting and impactful, but even fun to learn.Whether you are a person just starting out in optical or someone with years of experience under your belt, I HIGHLY recommend joining Lightbenders Academy to get your knowledge up and help people see life through the perfect lens! 

Want More Information? 

Thank you for stepping into this new phase of professional excellence. See you there!

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